Printed programme of of 'A talk by A. W. Brooks Esq. | Assistant General Manager', Westminster Bank Limited, titled 'The Computer - and You', with photographs and fold-out diagram of 'Current a/c Book-Keeping - Computer System'.

A. W. Brooks, Assistant General Manager, Westminster Bank Limited [Electronic Methods and Research Department, 41 Lothbury, London, EC2; Lothbury Computer Centre; computers; computing]
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Westminster Bank Limited, Electronic Methods and Research Department, 41 Lothbury, London, EC2. Talk at Central Hall, Westminster; 9 April 1963.
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An attractive item, printed in black, blue and red on both sides of a piece of 40 x 56cm. paper, folded twice to make a 20 x 28cm. packet. In good condition, lightly-aged with a short tape stain on one edge. Four black and white photographs: two showing a smiling Reginald Maudling, with before/after captions 'At the inauguration of the City Computer Centre, the Chancellor of the Exchequer presses the button and starts the Reader/Sorter . . .' and '. . . one second later'; the third photograph captioned 'The Computer room at 41 Lothbury showing the Reader/Sorter in background'; and the fourth 'A section of the West End Computer Centre at New Cavendish Street. Its apparatus and equipment is [sic] identical with that installed at the City Centre.' Brooks's talk, with the Chairman of Westminster Bank Limited D. A. Stirling in the chair, is 'Illustrated by: Film, Slides and a Display of Electronic Equipment'. The talk is at Central Hall, Westminster, at 6.30pm on 9 April 1963: 'Teas will be served from 5 p.m. to 6.15 p.m.' Next to the two photographs of Maudling: 'The Lothbury Computer Centre was inaugurated by the Chancellor of the Exchequer on September 4, 1962. The Centre has since been visited by the Lord Privy Seal and by senior executives from many organisations, amongst them being the following: [list of 37 names, from 'Ab Nordiska Foreningsbanken, Helsinki' to 'Union Bank, Beverley Hills, California']. A surprisingly scarce item, considering the fact that the Lothbury Computer Centre was the first centre in Europe to computerise the handling of cheques, using magnetic encoding marks. No copy in the British Library or on COPAC.