Autograph Letter Signed from George Candy QC to Charles Burton of Bayswater, on liquor licences and the Local Veto Bill, with Secretarial Letter signed by W. H. Le Fevre, President of the Balloon Society of Great Britain, and newspaper cuttings.

George Candy (1841-1899), QC; W. H. Le Fevre, President, The Balloon Society of Great Britain [Charles Burton, Bridge House Hotel, Westbourne Terrace, Bayswater; licencing law; brewing; alcohol]
Autograph Letter Signed from George Candy QC
Publication details: 
Candy letter: 14 March 1893; Harcourt Buildings, Temple. Le Fevre letter: 15 March 1898; on letterhead of Le Fevre & Co., Civil & Mechanical Engineers, St Antholins Chambers, 26 Budge Row, Cannon St, with stamp of Balloon Society of Great Britain.
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Items are in fair condition, on lightly-aged paper, and mostly laid down on two pieces of card. Candy's letter to Burton (who is not named, but identified from the context): 12mo, 2 pp. Headed 'Private'. He thanks him for 'the very kind and too flattering way in which you refer in to-day's Advertiser to my remarks at the Balloon Society's meeting anent the "Direct Veto Bill".' Claims that his 'services have always been at the disposal of "the trade", Wholesale & Retail. I took the chair some years ago at a large meeting held at the Aquarium Theatre to protest against the proposed measure duty on Spirits.' His 'connection with "the Trade" has brought great obloquy' upon him, 'among not only the professional agitators, whose mission is to worry, harrass, and annoy the Licensed Victuallers as a class; but it has wholly deprived me of the income which I might otherwise have drawn from briefs for the Opponents of individual licensees at Brewster Sessions.' Claims that he has 'been wholly ignored' since 'Mr. Walker became Chairman of the Central Protection Society'. After another complaint, closes the letter. Le Fevre's letter to 'C. Burton Esq | Bridge Hosue Hotel | Westbourne Terrace | Bayswater': 8vo, 2 pp. Praising Burton's 'letter in yesterdays Advertiser' [see below], and suggesting that he 'secure the services of Mr Candy to address some public meetings on the Local Veto Bill'. With four newspaper cuttings: two letters (3 and 12 March 1893) from Burton to the editor of the Morning Advertiser; a long cutting headed 'Mr. Candy, Q.C., on the Bill', and beginning 'Last night, at a well-attended meeting of the Balloon Society, held at St. James's Hall, Mr. Lefevre presiding, Mr. Candy, Q.C., gave an address on "The Liquor Traffic (Local Control) Bill."'; a long obituary (Morning Advertiser, 27 October 1899). headed 'Death of Mr. Candy, Q.C.' With cutting of photograph of Candy.