[Printed items.] Prospectus and application form for 1897 flotation of London United Laundries, Limited, with poster carrying fifteen photographs of 'Businesses to be acquired by the Company' and publicity flier headed 'A Great Laundry Amalgamation'.

The London United Laundries, Limited [Directors: The Hon. Reginald Brougham, A. C. Lyster, Murray Marshall, F. A. Baldwin, Ernest Honey]
The London United Laundries, Limited
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Prospectus 'Dated May 27th, 1897, London'; Roberts & Leete, Ltd., Printers, London. Other three items contemporaneous.
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All items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. ONE: Prospectus. Folio, 7 pp. To raise share capital of £230,000. Lists the '13 modern Steam Laundries', four 'Receiving Depots', 'Dyeing and Cleaning Works' and 'recently-established Laundry Supply Stores' the company was being 'formed to acquire as going concerns, and still further develop'. Includes section on 'Advantages of the Amalgamation', auditors' and valuers' reports and memorandum of association. TWO: Application form. Folio, 1 p. Perforated, with 'Bankers' Receipt'. THREE: Publicity flier. Folio, 2 pp. Article 'A Great Laundry Amalgamation', 'Reprinted from the "Laundry News."' FOUR: Poster. In black and white on one side of a piece of 55 x 29.5 cm paper. Headed 'The London United Laundries, Limited. | View from Photographs of each of the Businesses to be acquired by the Company.' Fifteen photographs, in three rows of five, from 'Mildmay Grove Steam Laundry. - Part of Ironing Room' to 'SANITARY WOOLLEN CLEANING CO. - Exterior'. Despite the claim that there was 'probably no other trade in which the amalgamation of a number of businesses presents greater financial advantages', the 'reduction of the capital of the Company' was announced in the London Gazette, 2 July 1907, due to 'overvaluation of capital assets at the time they were acquired by the Company, and the subsequent depreciation in value'. Scarce: no record of any material relating to the company on COPAC.