[ Oxford Tutors' Association and Oxford University Commission. ] Two printed pamphlets: 'Recommendations respecting the Extension of the University of Oxford' and 'Recommendations respecting the Constitution of the University of Oxford'.

[ S.W. Wayte] Samuel William Wayte (1819-1898), President of Trinity College, Oxford [ Oxford Tutors' Association; Oxford University Commission, 1850-1852 ]
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[ Oxford Tutors' Association. ] First item without date or publishing details, but dating from 1852 or 1853. Second item: Oxford: John Henry Parker; and 377, Strand, London. 1853.
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Both items in good condition, with light signs of age and wear. Both side stitched, and without wraps. ONE: 'Recommendations respecting the Extension of the University of Oxford'. 32pp., 8vo. On reverse of title: 'The following Paper was drawn up at the request of the Tutors' Association by a Committee appointed on Nov. 19, 1852. It was read and considered at meetings of the Association held in Merton and Jesus College Common Rooms on Dec. 10 and 13: and its adoption will be proposed at the first meeting of the Association next Term.' TWO: 'Reports of the Oxford Tutors' Association. No. II. Recommendations respecting the Constitution of the University of Oxford as adopted by the Tutors' Association. April, 1853.' [22] pp., 8vo., following on from Item One and paginated 33-54.The two items have been produced in response to the Report of the Oxford University Commission, which appeared in 1852. From the papers of Rev. Dr Richard Harington, Principal of Brasenose, and the second item containing a tipped-in ANS addressed to him by S. W. Wayte, Secretary, the Tutors' Association, 14 May 1853, requesting his acceptance of the book. Both items now scarce: only one copy of Item One on COPAC, and five copies of Item Two.