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Three Autograph Letters Signed and one Typed Note Signed (two 'H. Campbell Bannerman' and two 'H.E.B.') from Liberal Prime Minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman to '[Sir F.] Evans', regarding the McKinley Tarriff and Joseph Chamberlain's 'big scheme'

Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman (1836-1908), British Liberal Prime Minister, 1905-1908 [Sir Francis Henry Evans (1840-1907); McKinley Tarriff; Tarriff Act of 1890; Joseph Chamberlain]
Publication details: 
The three Autograph Letters Signed all on letterheads of Belmont Castle, Meigle [Scotland]; 8, 12 and 19 October 1903. Typed Note Signed on letterhead of 10 Downing Street, Whitehall, S.W. [London]; 16 December 1905.

The four items are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The three letters addressed to 'My dear Evans'. Letter One (8 October 1903): 1p., 12mo. He asks him - as his 'memory is faint' - to 'jot down the facts & dates' of 'the story of the genesis of the Mc.Kinley tariff - Cameron, in the Iron trade, leading off, and the inevitable extension'. Letter Two (12 October 1903): 2pp., 12mo.

Four lines in autograph on his calling card as 'Depute, Sous-Secretaire d'Etat à la Justice'.

Félix Jules Méline [Felix Jules Meline] (1838-1925), French Prime Minister, 1896-1898
Publication details: 

Card dimensions 6 x 10.5 cm. Good: lightly aged and with crease to top left-hand corner. Printed text reads 'Jules Méline, Deputé, Sous-Secrétaire d'Etat a la Justice. 84, Boulevard St. Garmain'. The autograph note, in French, is addressed to 'Mon cher ami', whom he addresses as 'tu'. He apologises for having neglected his correspondent's letter among his correspondence. 'Viens me voir à la chancellerie un matin; tu es sûre de me trouver mardi.' Thanks him for his 'bonnes félicitations'.

Document, in French, in a secretarial hand, signed by Méline ('J. Méline'), as Minister of Agriculture, to 'Monsieur Bailly, A.N. Président de la Société des Artistes Français | au Palais des Champs Elysées (porte 4).'

Félix Jules Méline [Felix Jules Meline] (1838-1925), French Prime Minister, 1896-1898 [Antoine-Nicolas Louis Bailly (1810-1892), French architect]
Publication details: 
26 April 1884; Paris, on letterhead of the Ministry of Agriculture.

8vo, 1 p. On aged paper, with wear and closed tears to extremities. Good, clear signature. Thanking Bailly for the 'cartes' and the 'lettres d'invitation' to the 'Salon de 1884'.

Letter in a secretarial hand, Signed by Méline ('J. Méline') as 'Président du Conseil' and 'Ministre de l'Agriculture', to 'Monsieur le Général Tournier | Secrétaire Général de la Présidence de la République'.

Félix Jules Méline [Felix Jules Meline] (1838-1925), French Prime Minister, 1896-1898 [Tournier]
Publication details: 
13 February 1897; Paris, on letterhead of 'République Française | Présidence du Conseil | Cabinet du Président'.

8vo, 1 p, 13 lines. Very good on lightly aged and creased paper. Docketed in red pencil in another hand. Lists the names of three couples, 'appartenant au cercle de mes relations', who would dearly like to receive 'invitations pour les fétes données au Palais de l'Elysee'. Méline would be 'vivement heureux' if Tournier could give 'satisfaction' to this desire. A good firm signature on a document written during Méline's term as French President.

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