[Edward Hogg, M.D., Middle East traveller.] Two Autograph Letters Signed [to Sir Thomas Gery Cullum and his wife Lady Ann Cullum], including praise of their 'exquisite Tudor Palace' Hardwick House, and describing his indisposition and its treatment.

Edward Hogg (1783-1848), Middle East traveller and travel writer, physician in Hendon and Chester, friend of Robert Southey [Sir Thomas Gery Cullum and Lady Ann Cullum of Hardwick House]
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ONE: 19 February 1844; 21 Cambridge Street, London. TWO: 30 March 1844; Athenaeum Club, London.

See Hogg's obituary in the Gentleman's Magazine, September 1848, pp.322-323, to which a little information can be added from short obituaries in the Literary Gazette, Patrician and Medical Times. 1835 he published 'Visit to Alexandria, Damascus, and Jerusalem, during the Successful Campaign of Ibrahim Pasha', an account of a tour which began with his departure from Naples in April 1832 and ending in Cairo the following January. Both letters are in good condition, lightly aged.

Autograph Letter Signed from Sir Gilbert Mackereth ('Gilbert Mackereth'), British Consul at Damascus, to Ernest Gye of the Foreign Office, on his posting to Tangier, and including a discussion of British artists there.

Sir Gilbert Mackereth (1892-1962), British army officer and diplomat [Ernest Frederick Gye (1879-1955), diplomat; Damascus, Syria; Henry Bishop (1868-1939), RA, British artist]
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On letterheads of the British Consulate, Damascus; 21 January 1933.

8 pp, 12mo. In very good condition, on lightly-aged paper. Addressed to 'Dear Ernest'. He begins by congratulating Gye on his promotion and 'on going to Tangier - a delightful spot'. It is however 'very sad' that Gye's 'guiding hand over our destinies will no longer be there in the Office'. He thanks Gye for his 'kindness' and 'sympathy': 'My path has lain along uneventful ways and it has been an untold solace to feel you did not despise those who had mearly [sic] to 'stand & wait''.

Autograph Letter in the third person to the Secretary, Royal Society of Arts.

Henry Alfred Cumberbatch
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Undated, but bearing R.S.A. stamp of 7 March 1918; ' "Heathlands" | Grove Road | Bournemouth'.

British diplomat (1858-1918) 'H. M. Consul-General for the Vilayet of Beirut, Syria, and for the Lebanon, 1908-14' (Who's Who). One page, octavo. Very good. In reply to the Secretary's letter 'regrets very much not having been able to take advantage of the Council's kind invitations [to attend two lectures] owing to his absence at Bournemouth on sick leave.' Signed 'H. A. Cumberbatch'.

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