[ Printed First World War pamphlet. ] An Infantryman on Strikes. An Appeal to the Workers of Great Britain | By H. V. Holmes | Sergeant, London Scottish.

'Infantryman', Sergeant H. V. Holmes, London Scottish
Publication details: 
'2 - 18 [ i.e. February 1918 ] W. & S. Ltd.'

20pp. on shiny art paper. Dimensions of pamphlet 11 x 12 cm. Stapled into grey printed wraps. Holmes is named as the author in the title on the front cover, while the text ends on p.20 with the attribution to '"INFANTRYMAN."' In good condition, with light signs of age and wear. The author's case is summed up towards the conclusion: 'Can you see him, Striker, striving, fighting, dying, at a shilling a day, that you may live in comfort at home? Can you see his parents, his wife, his children, his sweetheart, praying daily for his safety, hoping blindly for his return?

Crown Deep Ltd. Insurance Plan', carbon printed on cloth, giving a detailed layout of the gold mine, keyed to seventy-seven entries. With Manuscript table of results of 'Crown Deep tube milling tests, 1907'.

Crown Deep Ltd (gold mine) [South African Gold Mining; Mines]
Publication details: 
Insurance Plan' dated in manuscript 1898. Manuscript table covering the period from 1 August to 9 October 1907.

The two items rolled into tubes. The 'Crown Deep Ltd. Insurance Plan' carbon printed on one side of a piece of cloth roughly 44 x 102 cm. In good condition: slightly discoloured and frayed. The keyed entries range from '1 No. 1 Headgear & all appurtenances' to '77 Shed near Feedwater tanks', and include '69 Coolie Compound at Dam' and '57 Stable Boy's House'. The table of results of the 'milling tests', approximately 37 x 74 cm, is clear and complete on discoloured paper with closed tears at head repaired with archival tape.

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