[ Fleet Street in the Thirties: Sir Robert Donald of United Newspapers and Ernest Outhwaite, editor of Leeds Mercury, Viscount Rothermere, Lord Harmsworth, Ernest Benn. ] TLsS from Donald and Outhwaite; copies of Rothermere and Benn letters.

Sir Robert Donald (1860-1933), editor, Daily Chronicle, and Managing Director, United Newspapers; Ernest Outhwaite, editor, Leeds Mercury [ Viscount Rothermere; Lord Harmsworth; Ernest J. Benn ]
Publication details: 
Donald: on letterhead of 12 Thorney Court, Palace Gate, W.8. [ London ] 24 March 1932. Outhwaite: on letterhead of La Dragonniere, Cap Martin, A.M. 8 April 1930. Rothermere copies from 1929 and 1930. Benn copy from 1932.

Six items from the Rothermere papers, on disparate subjects, casting light on the workings of 1930s Fleet Street. In good condition, lightly aged. The six are described below in chronological order. ONE: Typed Copy of letter, '(sgd) ROTHERMERE', to Donald. Hotel Splendide, 105 Piccadilly, W.1. 12 November 1929. 1p., 4to. The letter begins: 'My dear Donald, | I quite understand all the peculiar difficulties with which you are surrounded in connection with the Anglo-Foreign Newspapers Ltd.

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