[ E. M. O'R. Dickey, Irish wood engraver. ] Two ALsS, two TLsS and an ANS (all 'E. M. O'R. Dickey'), to K. W. Luckhurst and W. Perry of the Royal Society of Arts, concerning the Sanderson 'Travelling Bursary for a teacher of art'.

E. M. O'R. Dickey [ Edward Montgomery O'Rorke Dickey ] (1894-1977), Irish wood engraver [ Harold Sanderson; William Perry and K. W. Luckhurst, Secretaries, Royal Society of Arts; Board of Education ]
Publication details: 
Six items to Luckhurst on Board of Education letterheads; letter to Perry from Plas Dulas, Llanddulas, North Wales. The seven items dating from between 1936 and 1938.

The seven items in good condition, on lightly-aged and worn paper. With stamps of the Royal Society of Arts. The letter to Perry is a typed report of 2pp., folio, and more heavily worn than the rest of the correspondence. It is dated 11 August 1936, and discusses 'schemes similar to Sandersons [...] in which a firm offers work experience as part of a course taken by full-time students not previously employed in industry' and 'part-time release'.

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