[Cecil Wilson, Bishop of Melanesia.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Cecil Wilson, | Bishop'), for publication, 'to the Editor of the Tonbridgian', concerning 'our work in Melanesia'.

Cecil Wilson (1860-1941), Anglican cleric and county cricketer (Kent), third Bishop of Melanesia and second Bishop of Bunbury, Western Australia
Publication details: 
3 October 1899; Norfolk Island [Melanesia].

5pp, 8vo. On bifolium and single leaf of thin ruled paper. In fair condition, on lightly aged and discoloured paper. Closely written, in a not-entirely legible hand, with the first page having the underlined heading: 'to the Editor of the Tonbridgian'. (The Tonbridgian was the magazine of Tonbridge School, where Wilson was educated, and the letter was presumably published as intended.) The letter begins: 'Dear Sir, | I promised when in England last year that I would send a letter sometimes about our work in Melanesia.

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