[Viola Garvin, journalist.] Typed Letter, written on her behalf by 'G. F.', to 'Sylvia Dear' (i.e. the Anglo-Irish poet Sylvia Lynd), thanking her for 'one of the nicest novel articles we have had', and asking her to review Somerset Maugham.

'G. F.' [Viola Garvin (1898-1969), journalist; Sylvia Lynd (1888-1952), Anglo-Irish poet, wife of the essayist Robert Lynd (1879-1949); Gerald Gould (1885-1936), reviewer with the Observer, London]
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On letterhead of the Observer, 22 Tudor Street, London. 14 August 1934.

1p., 4to. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. She thanks Lynd for 'one of the nicest novel articles we have had in Gerald's absence', and asks her to 'be an angel, and do something else for Viola, who is vanishing tomorrow for four or five weeks', in reviewing 'the Somerset Maugham book you wanted [...] I really think he is worth a long article to himself - 1500 words, and, if you care to, you can put in a word for Heinemann's edition of the Collected Works, which we send alongside. Mr.

One Autograph Letter Signed, one Typed Letter Signed, one Autograph Note Signed and one Typed Note Signed (all 'E. N. da C. Andrade'), to G. K. Menzies (3) and K. W. Luckhurst (1), Secretaries, Royal Society of Arts, with carbon of one reply.

Professor Edward Neville da Costa Andrade (1887-1971), English physicist, poet and historian of science
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1931, 1932, 1933 and 1948; the autograph letter on letterhead of 69 Exeter Road, London N.W.2, and the other three items on University College, University of London letterheads.

All items good. Two bearing the Society's stamp. Item One (typed note, 15 October 1931, 4to, 1 p): He is sending 'short summaries of the two lectures, in a form which I prefer to mere headings'. Item Two (autograph letter, 17 January 1932, 8vo, 1 p): He is sending 'summaries of the two lectures'. 'As you seemed in a hurry I have not waited to have them typed. I think that they are legible, but I will look at a proof if you like.' He has left it to Menzies 'to add any preliminaries or conclusions that may be necessary'.

1 Autograph Letter Signed from W[illiam?] Maugham to Percy Gye.

William Maugham
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14 December 1874; Charter House.

Provides invaluable information on the traditions of Charterhouse, the ancient charitable London institution. Maugham may well be the translator of Charles Tilt's 1828 edition of Friedrich Christian Accum's A Practical Essay on Chemical Re-agents. 4 pages, 16mo, grubby but in otherwise good condition. The first page has a mourning border. 'Saturday was the anniversary of the feast devoted to the memory of the founder, and the brothers, in health, feasted in the banquetting hall, and I dare say enjoyed themselves. I am on the sick list and was happily excused.

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