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[ British Expeditionary Force, Flanders. ] Galley proofs of article for the First World War National Guard titled 'A Visit to Flanders | Notes from the Diary of Captain Leigh Wood, C.M.G.', relating to the Belgian Field Hospital in Hoogstade.

Lt Col. Sir James Leigh-Wood KBE, CB, CMG (1870-1949) [ British Expeditionary Force, Flanders; Belgian Field Hospital, Hoogstadt [ Hoogstade ]; National Guard in the Great War; Sir Richard Harington ]
Publication details: 
[ The National Guard, England. ] Describing events over 10 to 15 May [ 1916 ], and published around that time].

Three strips of paper, each with a single column of text in small print: 47 + 55 + 30 cm. Complete article, paginated to 3. The second strip has the running title 'National Guard - A Visit to Flanders - 2'. Aged and creased, and with a corner torn away from the third strip, resulting in loss of text to six lines and the running title, Two minor manuscript corrections.

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