[ Edwardian shooting journal by British Army officer in Balistan, India (now Pakistan). ] Autograph 'Shooting Journal' by Lt Walter Edwin Beazley of the 54th Sikhs (Frontier Force), containing accounts and lists of kit, clothes, crockery, stores.

Lt-Col. Walter Edwin Beazley (1886-1969), MC [ 54th Sikhs, Frontier Force ]
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Balistan, India (now Pakistan). Dating from between 5 April and 2 May 1908.

A recipient of the Military Cross, Beazley was educated at Rugby and Sandhurst.

Four Autograph Letters Signed (all 'JPVH'), from Lieutenant-Colonel John Plunkett Verney Hawksley, DSO, RFA, to his mother in England, describing in detail his life in Kashmir, and including comments on bear hunting and the cost of living.

Lt Col. John Plunkett Verney Hawksley (1877-1916), DSO, Royal Field Artillery [his mother Emily Julia Hawksley of Caldy Island, Pembrokeshire; Kashmir; British India; the Raj]
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The four letters addressed from: dak bungalows at Rawal Pindi and Magam, near Srinagar, Kashmir; Rowbury's Hotel, Murree; from Srinagar iteslf; and in camp, near Islamabad, Kashmir. One undated, but all four written between 7 July and 11 August 1899.

The four letters totalling 16pp., 12mo. Each on a bifolium. All four good, on lightly-aged paper. Chatty and informative letters, in the bored tone of the English upper classes, and exhibiting a shocking casual racism. One: From Dâk Bungalow, Rawal Pindi, 20 July 1899, and Rowberry's [sic] Hotel, Murree, 23 July 1899. 4pp., 12mo. He apologises for a hurried letter of the previous day. 'I began my journey very badly by calling a high caste mahomedan who was snoring in my carriage a Scor - (pig) he got very irate.

Letter, prob. secretarial, Signed "Pratap Singh", to [Sir Henry Brackenbury, Resident, Ordnance Committee].

Major General Sir Pratap Singh
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[Embossed address, embossed stamp] The Palace, Jammu, 19 Dec. 1901.

Maharajah of Jammu and Kashmir. One page, 8vo, sl. soiled but mainly good. "My dear Friend / I have much pleasure in offering you my hearty congratulations for the Xmas and warm greetings for the happy new years day with best wishes for man a happy and prosperous return of the same . . . " He gives his several titles incl. "Col: 37 Dogras". Note: Brackenbury was a general and writer on military subjects (see DNB).

Autograph Letters Signed (six) to J.G. Wilson, Chairman of J & E. Bumpus.

James Milne.
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London, 1929-1933.

Author of "The Road to Kashmir" and others. Total seven pages, 8vo (4) and 4to (1), good condition. He discusses "The Road to Kashmir" (sales, etc.) and "A Window on Fleet Street". He discusses at length a circular relating to the latter from John Murray which he sends (not present) in response to Murray's request for him to send it to "good book readers and good book buyers". (Wilson is "the goodest [bookseller] in London".) Frank Mumby describes Wilson as "one of the outstanding booksellers of the day" (1956 ed., p.235). Six items,

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