Anonymous coloured print on sateen [cotton satin] entitled 'Three Christmas Roses'.

The Gentlewoman [Victorian illustration; printing on cloth]
Publication details: 
'Supplement to The Gentlewoman Christmas Number.' [1890s]

Printed in pastel colours on the shiny side of a piece of white sateen. Landscape. Dimensions roughly 240 x 385 mm. Good, bright image on slighty grubby cloth, with fraying along the long edges (not affecting image). Depicts three head-and-shoulder portraits of pretty nineteenth-century ladies in hats (captioned 'Lady Pattie', 'Miss Betty' and Cousin Prue'), in Gainsborough style, hanging in frames on a wall of Georgian wallpaper.

[ Francis Browning Bickerstaffe-Drew, English author. ] Typed Letter Signed ('John Ayscough') to an unnamed editor, offering republication of his novel 'Two Fair Ladies', on reverse of letter from J. S. Wood, editor of the Gentlewoman.

'John Ayscough', penmame of Francis Browning Bickerstaffe-Drew (1858-1928), English author, Roman Catholic priest and papal count; J. S. Wood [ John Snell Wood ] (1853-1920), editor of the Gentlewoman
Publication details: 
Wood's letter, on letterhead of the Gentlewoman, Arundel Street, Strand, WC. 3 January 1894. Bickerstaffe-Drew's letter from 6 Holyrood Place, Plymouth. 4 January 1894.

Each letter 1p., 4to, Bickerstaffe-Drew's on reverse of Wood's. In fair condition, on aged leaf of paper with strip torn from head. The two letters cast an interesting light on English publishing practice in the late nineteenth century. Wood's letter, signed 'J. S. Wood', is written by a secretary, and addressed to 'The Right Rev Mgr Bickerstaff Drew'.

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