[Mimeographs or similar] Rusk News Conference Statement. | Following is text of introductory remarks by Mr. Dean Rusk, Secretary of State,[...] Nov. 17, at his Press conference in Washington. With: text of Adlai Stevenson address (described below)

[Press Releases (x 2) in Kennedy Era]
Publication details: 
Both Washington, Monday, 20 November 1961

a. Dean Rusk, 3pp., folio, unbound as issued. Subjects: taking up Kennedy's remarks in Seattle; Afghanistan; Korea; the Philippines; Berlin; NATO meeting; the Congo; Dominicn Republic/OAS; Cuba, Peru and Columbia; Vietnam (US policy to preserve the Republic Vietnam, the means are being considered). It concludes with the ref. A-17266-AC. B. (attached by staple) Stevenson Address at Fordham University (A Relesase from the UNited States Information Service, American Embassy, London).

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