[Mimeographs or similar] Rusk News Conference Statement. | Following is text of introductory remarks by Mr. Dean Rusk, Secretary of State,[...] Nov. 17, at his Press conference in Washington. With: text of Adlai Stevenson address (described below)

[Press Releases (x 2) in Kennedy Era]
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Both Washington, Monday, 20 November 1961
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a. Dean Rusk, 3pp., folio, unbound as issued. Subjects: taking up Kennedy's remarks in Seattle; Afghanistan; Korea; the Philippines; Berlin; NATO meeting; the Congo; Dominicn Republic/OAS; Cuba, Peru and Columbia; Vietnam (US policy to preserve the Republic Vietnam, the means are being considered). It concludes with the ref. A-17266-AC. B. (attached by staple) Stevenson Address at Fordham University (A Relesase from the UNited States Information Service, American Embassy, London). "Following are excerpts from an address by Mr Adlai Stevenson, United States representative at the United Nations, at dedication ceremonies of the Fordham University Law School Building at Lincoln Square, New York, on November 17", 5pp., folio, final page detached. Subjects: generlised moral statements; the United Nations and principles; Soviets; Congo; financing the UN; situation of the International Court of Justice; Common Market ("about to be joined by Great Britain"[!]; disarmament; etc. Concluding ref. A-17267-AC | B.J. Note: These items were found among the papers of George Bilainkin, journalist. I can't find the Rusk text on Googlebooks, but the Stevenson is in 'The Department of State Bulletin'.