[ Privately-printed keepsake playlet by Mary Hyde about Colonel Ralph Isham and the purchase of the Malahide Papers of James Boswell, with signed inscription by the author. ] Levée at Fifty-Third Street.

Mary Hyde [ Viscountess Eccles (1912-2003), book collector and philanthropist ]; Brooke Crutchley, Printer to the University of Cambridge [ Colonel Ralph Isham; James Boswell; Samuel Johnson ]
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Printed in Great Britain at the University Printing House, Cambridge (Brooke Crutchley, University Printer). 1972 [ inscription dated 1971 ].

19 + [1]pp., 4to. Nicely-printed, and saddle-stitched and placed in grey paper wraps with tasteful white label on cover with title printed in red. Inscribed inside front cover 'For Desmond + Dorothy - | with love from | the Playwright | Christmas | 1971'. The playlet is an amusing representation of a single night at the 1946-1949 high point of excitement over the discovery of the Malahide Papers ('During three years the incidents described here were repeated several times a week.'), and features among others Isham himself, his cleaner 'Mrs.

Mimeographed Typescript of 'Stanley Morison: 1889-1967. A Radio Portrait. Compiled by Nicholas [sic] Barker and Douglas Cleverdon.' Transmitted on the BBC Third Programme.

Nicolas Barker and Douglas Cleverdon [Stanley Morison; Tom Burns, John Carter, Arthur Crook, Brooke Crutchley, Sir Francis Meynell, Graham Pollard, Janet & Reynolds Stone, Beatrice Warde]
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[BBC Third Programme, London.] Recorded on 24 January 1969. Transmitted on 2 February and 6 March 1969.

[1] + 23pp., foolscap 8vo. On 24 leaves attached in one corner by a metal stud. The title page carries the reference TM144D, and states that the producer was Cleverdon, and gives times of transmission, rehearsal and recording, with 'R.P. REF. NO.' and the details of the secretary who typed out the document. The piece was narrated by Barker, with the 'Speakers' are named as Burns, Carter, Crook, Crutchley, Meynell, Pollard, the Stones and Warde.

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