[Joseph Frederick Green, peace campaigner.] Typed Letter Signed ('J. Fredk. Green'), asking the recipient to sign a Fabian Society statement drawn up with Walter Crane, H. S. Salt, Charles Charrington, S. G. Hobson, Edward Rose.

J. Frederick Green [Joseph Frederick Green] (1855-1932), peace campaigner, Secretary, International Arbitration and Peace Association [Fabian Society; Independent Labour Party; Waler Crane]
Publication details: 
40 Outer Temple, Strand, W.C., London. 27 January 1900.

1p, 4to. In poor condition, aged and worn. The male recipient is not named. The letter read s: 'At a small meeting attended by Walter Crane, H. S. Salt, Charles Charrington, S. G. Hobson, Edward Rose, and myself it was considered advisable to issue to the whole Fabian Society a statement on the lines of the enclosed proof which I herewith send you. A desire has been expressed that you should sign it and if you agree to do so I should be much obliged to have your signature at an early post.

[ Sophia Neate. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('Sophia Neate') [ to the actor Charles Charrington ], regarding a lecture in Woking on 'A People's Theatre'.

Sophia Neate (1832-1908) of Heatherside, Woking [ Charles Charrington (1854-1924), actor-manager, and his wife the actress Jane Achurch (1863-1916); Charles Lutwidge Dodgson ('Lewis Carroll') ]
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On letterhead of Heatherside, Woking. 12 June 1897.

Sophia Neate took on the care of Sally Sinclair and her siblings – 'child-friends' of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson – when their parents died. Neate received financial support from Dodgson and the actor Lionel Brough. On first meeting Mrs. Neate (26 June 1879) Dodgson wrote in his diary that he ‘found her so interesting that I stayed 4 hours!' He occasionally visited her and noted the progress of the Sinclair children as they grew. 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Aged and worn, with light staining at foot of gutter.

[ Janet Achurch, actress for whom G. B. Shaw wrote 'Candida'. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('JAC', i.e. Janet Achurch Charrington), to actor Robert Farquharson regarding rehearsals for a Glasgow production of Ibsen's 'A Doll's House'.

Janet Achurch [ Janet Achurch Charrington ] (1864-1916), English actress and actor-manager [ 'Robert Farquharson', stage name of Robert de la Condamine (1877-1966), English actor ]
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'Bourne Cottage | Beenham | Nr. Reading'. 6 May 1904.

1p., 8vo. On aged and worn paper. Addressed on reverse, with stamps and postmarks, to 'Robert Farquharson Esqre | Haxtead House | Bromley | Kent'. She invites him to 'run down on Saturday [...] The garden is lovely - We shall probably go ahead to Glasgow so this may be our only chance of rehearsing till the day we open in Glasgow.' She wants 'everything "just so" to soothe our feelings after the Scramble of last Thursday - surely last Thursday year!' She has found 'a wonderfully fine notice' in the Guardian newspaper, 'for the "smoothness & freshness" of our doings | ye gods!

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