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[Horatio Bottomley, MP and fraudster.] Ten legal documents (three signed by Bottomley) relating to his purchase, from the receiver Charles Fox, of the assets of his 'Sol Syndicate', set up for the acquisition of The Sun newspaper.

Horatio Bottomley (1860-1933), Liberal MP, fraudster and proprietor of the London newspapers The Sun, John Bull and Sunday Illustrated [Charles Fox, receiver; Harry Weber]
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London. Between 1902 and 1907.

From the papers of The Sun's receiver, Charles Fox of 11 Old Jewry, London. The ten items in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. According to Bottomley's entry in the Oxford DNB, ' In 1902 he bought a moribund evening newspaper, The Sun.

Typed copy, with annotations, of depositions in the case Rex v. Mir Anwaruddin, heard at the Central Criminal Court, 1918, following a libel action against Horatio Bottomley. For 'Director of Public Prosecutions [Sir Charles Willie Mathews]'.

[Mir Anwaruddin (b. 1888); Sir Charles Willie Mathews (1850-1920), Director of Public Prosecutions; Horatio Bottomley (1860-1933), proprietor and editor of the magazine John Bull, and fraudster]
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Headed 'Central Criminal Court, 25th June, 1918.' [The trial took place on 2 July 1918.]

Folio, [i] + 49 pp. Text clear and complete. A mimeographed typescript, with text and manuscript annotations. Clear and complete, on aged and creased paper. Typed in bottom right-hand corner of covering title: 'Director of Public Prosecutions.' Anwarudding was called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn in 1913, and between that year and 1918 his marital difficulties caused him to appear before thirteen different High Court Judges in eight different courts.

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