Legal manuscript, signed by the three parties, entitled 'Messrs. Alfred Riehl and W. F. Mohr to W. E. Page Esqre. Agreement for Sale of a Share of certain Royalties arising from Patent applied for and now known as the Boran Lamp'.

Alfred Riehl; William Frederick Mohr, Electric Lamp Merchants; William Edwin Page [the Boran Lamp; Edwardian inventions, patents]
Publication details: 

On three pages of a foolscap bifolium, supplied by J. Warner & Co., Law Stationer of New Oxford Street, ruled and with red borders. Good, on lightly stained paper. On 25 July 1912 Mohr and Friedrich Hansen 'made an application for a Patent for an improvement in the process of the manufacture of a filament for an electric incandescent lamp (at present known as the "Boran Lamp") accompanied by a complete specification at the Patent Office', but the application has not yet been accepted.

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