[Sir Charles Metcalfe MacGregor.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Ch MacGregor Qr') to 'O.C. Jagdalah', writing from Afghanistan [during the Second Anglo-Afghan War?] and instructing him to 'send a sufficient party to hold Seh Baba'.

Major-General Sir Charles Metcalfe MacGregor (1840-1887), Quartermaster General in India [Captain Tucker, Political Officer in Jamrood Fort, Afghanistan; Second Anglo-Afghan War, 1878]
Publication details: 
'548 | Kabul 28 Decr [1878]'.

1p., 8vo. On grey paper. Aged and worn, with chipping, glue stains and remains of gummed label. Laid down on leaf removed from album. The document reads: '548 [i.e. the number of the despatch] | Kabul 28 Decr | To O.C. Jagdalah. | In continuation of this office No 544 the O.C. is directed to request he will at once arrange to send a sufficient party to hold Seh Baba. | He is also to arrange to escort the <?> sent with Capt Tucker as far as Lataband or Butkhak if necessary, on their return journey. | They should return on Wednesday'.

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