John Simon [ John Allsebrook Simon, 1st Viscount Simon ], Liberal politician. ] Autograph Letter Signed and Typed Letter Signed (both 'John Simon') to Welsh Liberal politician Sir Courtenay Mansel.

John Simon [ John Allsebrook Simon, 1st Viscount Simon ] (1873-1954), Liberal Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer and Lord Chancellor [ Sir Courtenay Mansel ]
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ALS: Castle Hotel, Brecon. 13 February 1921. TLS: on letterhead of 59 Cadogan Gardens, S.W.3. [ London ] 11 December 1923.

At the time of the second letter Mansel was serving his only stint in Parliament, a brief period as Liberal MP for Penryn and Falmouth. ONE (ALS, 13 February 1921): 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged. He expresses great disappointment regarding the misunderstanding which meant that he and his wife missed coming to lunch with the Mansels.

[ Sir John Simon, Lord Chancellor. ] Three Autograph Letters Signed, two Typed Letters Signed (variously 'John Simon' and 'J. A. Simon'), and one Autograph Note Signed ('J. A. Simon') to Sir Robert Ernest Dummett, on legal and political matters.

Sir John Simon [ Sir J. A. Simon; John Allsebrook, 1st Viscount Simon ] (1873-1954), Lord Chancellor, Liberal politician and lawyer [ Sir Robert Ernest Dummett (1872-1941) ]
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Two on letterheads of the Solicitor General, two from 57 Kensington Court, London, one from 4 Brick Court, Temple, one from All Souls College, Oxford. Between 1900 and 1912.

The collection in good condition, lightly aged and worn. ONE: ANS ('J. A. Simon'). 17 January 1908. 1p., 12mo. From 4 Brick Court, Temple. Giving notice that he is that day 'applying to the Lord Chancellor for silk'. Accompanied by an undated Autograph Memorandum by Frederick Allan Wilshire (1868-1944), Recorder of Bridgwater, stating that it is 'of particular interest. When a Barrister applies for silk he has to write a similar letter to this to all members of the circuit who are his senior. | Simon recommended me to the King for the Recordership of Bridgwater. | F. A. W.' TWO: ALS ('J. A.

Typed Letter Signed ('John Simon') from the British Chancellor of the Exchequer John Simon to J. J. Smith, regarding the exemption from military service of the only sons of widows.

John Simon [John Allsebrook Simon] (1873-1954), 1st Viscount Simon, British politician, beginning as a Liberal and ending a Conservative, who served as Home Secretary, Foreign Secretary and Chancellor
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14 Great College Street, Westminster. 16 February 1916.

1p., 8vo. Fair, on aged and lightly-worn paper. The letter begins: 'If the only son of a widow, upon whose earnings the mother depends, does not volunteer, he will, if unmarried, and of military age, be entitled to appeal for exemption from the Military Service Act. Mr. Walter Long expressly stated in the House of Commons that it was the intention of the authorities to exempt such cases.' Simon goes on to discuss the position of 'the Local Tribunal', and to point out the position of those who attest. He has added in pen: 'Appeal must be made before March 2nd'.

Typed Letter Signed to A[rthur]. B[everley]. Baxter.

John Allsebrook Simon, 1st Viscount Simon
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2 February 1940; on letterhead of 11 Downing Street, Whitehall.

British Liberal politician (1873-1954). Written while Chamberlain's Chancellor of the Exchequer. The recipient, Sir Arthur Beverley Baxter (1891-1964), was a Conservative Member of Parliament, author and editor of the Daily Express. One page, quarto. Lightly creased and grubby, with some wear at head. An amusing, chatty letter, beginning 'My dear B. B. | You were not among the faithful in the House last night when I wound up with a bee---autiful speech, which naturally was too late for a full report.

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