[Thomas Guille,co-founder of the Guille-Allès Library, Guernsey.] Two Autograph Letters Signed to a 'Doctor [Chepmell]' and "Doctor Chepmell", homoeopathist, thanking him for donations of books & 'two interesting historical documents' to the library.

Thomas Guille (1817-1896), founder with Frederick Mansell Allès, of the Guille-Allès Library, Guernsey, Channel Islands
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Guille-Allès Library [Guernsey, Channel Islands]. 23 April 1890 and 15 July 1890

In 1882 Guille and Allès, childhood friends who had worked in New York as carpenters, bought the Assembly Rooms in Market Street, opening the building in 1888 as an extensive subscription library, with reading and meeting rooms. The library is still in operation, and is a much-loved local institution. The present items dates from two years later, both 1p., 16mo. On bifolium. In good condition, with remains of stub adhering to one edge. Written in a small, neat and dainty hand, the first letter reads: 'Guille-Allès Library, | April 23, 1890.

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