Two Autograph Drafts of reviews and one Autograph Letter Signed to Philip Dossé of Hansom Books, Artillery Mansions, 75 Victoria Street, London SW1.

Tom Driberg [Thomas Edward Neil Driberg, Baron Bradwell of Bradwell-juxta-Mare] (1905-1976) [crossword puzzled]
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Both reviews undated [both c. 1974]. Letter of 14 March 1974; 601 Mountjoy House, Barbican, London, on cancelled House of Commons letterhead.
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All three items lightly aged but good. Driberg has written 'TOM DRIBERG' at the head of the first page of both reviews. First Review (8vo, 7 pp) with slight wear at head (not affecting text) of first four leaves; last three leaves on House of Commons letterheads. With corrections. The subject is Daphne Fielding's 'The Rainbow Picnic' (1974). Second Review (8vo, 7 pp, on House of Commons letterheads) of four books about crossword puzzles, including Roger Millington's 'The Strange World of the Crossword' (1974). With corrections. An interesting and informed review (at this time Driberg was compiling the 'Tiresias' crossword for Private Eye magazine). '[...] Delegates to Labour Party conferences in the '50s were sometimes flattered to observe the late Lord Attlee, head bent, making careful notes of the main points of their brilliant speeches: in fact, he was surreptitiously filling in the Times crossword. [...]' Letter: 8vo, 1 p, 7 lines. He is 'greatly' looking forward 'to reading Cecil King's review'. 'I will, if I may, ring up early next week and call in to choose a book to review.' Hopes to have a chat with Dossé if he is free.