Typed Letter Signed to R[ainforth]. A[rmitage]. Walker of the Print Collector's Quarterly.

Edward Verrall Lucas
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28 February 1935; on letterhead of the publishers Methuen & Co.
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One page, quarto. Poor, on creased, discoloured paper, with two punch holes in left-hand margin and short closed tears along the central fold. 'It is as well that you underlined your name in print, for I cannot detect the faintest resemblance between it and your signature. Is this the fault of my imperfect eyes or your powerful hand? | As to your humorist - I think the Forceps Saga is funny, but Punch has a number of people who do things rather like it. Still, he should certainly let the Editor see this specimen together with something new. He must approach him direct, as there is a new rule against intermediaries. | Now as to Constable's house. I am still of the opinion I expressed at Burlington House, that the best memorial should have association with the open air.' Signed 'E V Lucas'.