[Richard Church, poet and author.] Typed Poem, signed 'Richard Church', titled 'For Andrew Young. 1885-1971.'

Richard Church [Richard Thomas Church] (1893-1972), poet and author [Andrew Young (1885-1971), Scottish poet; Christopher Fry (1907-2005), playwright]
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Without date or place. [1971.]
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1p, 4to. In good condition, lightly-aged. Folded three times. Sixteen-line poem, neatly typed (with one error overtyped an autograph proof mark separating two words) titled 'For Andrew Young. 1885-1971.' Signed at bottom 'Richard Church.' A charming poem, which was published in the Cornhill Magazine in 1971. In two sections, the first of which reads: 'Dour old Scot from Edinburgh, | Whose theology was thorough | From Presbyterian first stage, | Then gentle in a vicarage.' (Young was a Church of England minister.) In the second section of the poem Church presents Young as 'A mystic amongst flowers and birds', who 'would turn | To worship at a wayside burn | Where some water-weed might serve | As thurible', and who 'could observe | His Maker in a buttercup, | And hold a humble daisy up | To bless his congregation'. From the papers of Christopher Fry, a friend of Young's son-in-law Edward Lowbury, poet and physician.