[Philip Henry Wicksteed, economist, theologian and Dante scholar.] Two Autograph Letters Signed (both 'Philip H. Wicksteed'), first to 'Mrs. Chepmell', second to 'Mrs. Borrer', topics including his love of his work, a bicycling holiday, a meeting.

Philip Henry Wicksteed (1844-1927), economist, Unitarian theologian, classicist, medievalist, literary critic and Dante scholar
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[Chepmell letter on letterhead of Childrey near Wantage, 7 February 1904. Borrer letter on letterhead of Mount Pleasant, Sidmouth, 22 April 1904.
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Both letters are in fair condition, lightly aged and worn. 'Mrs. Chepmell' was the wife of Edward Charles Chepmell (1820-1885), society homeopathist. Mrs. Borrer' was the wife of Cary Hampton Borrer (1838-1918) of Hurstpierpoint. ONE: To 'Dear Mrs. Chepmell', 7 February 1904. 3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Begins: 'I find that Mr. Cranage the Cambridge secretary [Rev. David Herbert Somerset Cranage (1866-1957)] is coming down to Hurstpierpoint on Thursday & is going to lunch with Mrs. Borrer.' He is uncertain what the arrangements should be, but nevertheless will 'have the pleasure of meeting with you and receiving Dr. Chepmell's broadside on “attire” as we had settled'. He has taken the precaution of sending a wire, and 'will no doubt get my final instructions at the station'. TWO: To 'My dear Mrs. Borrer', 22 April 1904. 4pp., 12mo. Bifolium. Her 'most kind letter' has followed him on his 'wanderings': 'I am “trailing” Mrs. Wicksteed behind my bicycle in the West of England, and have been feeling as if there were not such a thing as a level place on which to put a piece of note-paper, and as if I had forgotten the use of a pen. But the pleasant memories of the past term's friendships, made or renewed, have made the gorse bushes and the banks of primroses all the more beautiful'. Her 'letters in particular' have led him to hope that he has been 'privileged to pass on some of the life which I have myself received from my Dante studies.' The 'appreciation' of 'the signatories […] will encourage & strengthen me in the work I love'.