[ Napoleonic Wars: number of Dutch newspaper published during French occupation of Holland. ] Journal du Department des Bouches de la Meuse. | Dagblad van het Departement der Monden van de Maas.

Journal du Department des Bouches de la Meuse, la Haye [ Dagblad van het Departement der Monden van de Maas, den Haag ] [ Napoleonic Wars; French occupation of Holland ]
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No. 40. 9 February 1813. A la Haye [ the Hague ], de l'Imprimerie de G. Vosmaer. Se vend chez B. Scheurleer le jeune, Veenestraat S. No. 152,
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4pp., 4to. Bifolium. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. With two tax stamps. Laid out in double column, with the Dutch text on the right, and a French translation on the left. Begins with official announcements ('Administration. | Renovation.' and 'Contribution Fonciere sur les Proprietes Baties'), followed by 'Nouvelles - Politique' ('Baviere', 'Angleterre' and 'Empire-Francais') and ending with 'Varietes'. The item is accoumpanied by a long letter (2pp., foolscap 8vo) in English from 'Frank [Kintenbrawer?]' to 'Elizabeth-Ann', dated from Utrecht, 27 November 1966, in which he states of this item: 'I enclose something I have been looking for to send you to thank you for all the things you did to me: an old "gazette" - with the hated "tax stamp" - from the time of the French occupation (1806-1813). It serves a double purpose: with the help of the French translation (which was obligatory at the time) you will be able to appreciate Dutch journalism (be it in an antiquated version) and I hope this old newspaper will remind you of the "nobile officium" of journalism now you're in this PR "gimmick".' No other copy or reference found but the relevant libraries are somewhat opaque.