[ Royal Navy commission to 'Her Majestys Steam Ship the Simoom'. ] Appointing Lieutenant Peter Mackenzie Godfrey, on vellum and signed by Admirals Sir Alexander Milne and Lord FitzHardinge, and by First Secretary of the Admiralty John Parker.

[ Lord FitzHardinge ] Maurice Frederick FitzHardinge Berkeley, 1st Baron FitzHardinge (1788-1867); Sir Alexander Milne (1806-1896); John Parker (1799-1881), First Secretary of the Admiralty
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The Admiralty [ London ]. 10 February 1852.
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Printed on one side of a 28 x 34 cm piece of vellum, and completed by Parker in manuscript. With the customary tax stamp and embossed Admiralty seal. In good condition, with the customary aging and wear of the vellum. Headed 'By The Commission for executing the Office of Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland &c.' Godfrey's seniority is given as 30 August 1841, and the document is signed by 'J Parker', 'M. F. F. Berkeley' and 'Alexr Milne'. The word 'Commissioned' is written at the foot. The ship, the second of six to bear the name, was an iron screw frigate launched in 1849. She was converted to a troopship in 1852 and was sold in 1887.