[ Joseph Butterworth ] Secretarial Letter, signed 'Jos: Butterworth', to Knight Spencer, Secretary of the Surrey Institution, urging him to engage 'Mr. Park, the Artist, of Dublin', who is moving to London, as a lecturer.

Joseph Butterworth (1770-1826), law bookseller and Member of Parliament [ Knight Spencer, Secretary of the Surrey Institution ]
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Bedford Square [ London ]. 19 October 1830.
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3pp., 12mo. Bifolium. In good condition, on lightly-aged paper. The letter begins: 'Mr. [ Park? ], the Artist, of Dublin, has this day written me word that he has some intention of coming to settle in London in the ensuing winter.' He urges Spencer to 'get him to deliver a course of Lectures on Painting at the Surrey Institution. From speeches which I have heard him deliver, I should think his language & delivery well calculated for the purpose & likely to render him popular.' He explains that he is prevented from writing himself by a 'complaint in my eyes'. In a postscript he refers to 'the late Mr. Wist's testimonial, which fully testifies Mr. [ Park's? ] competency for Lecturing'. Butterworth had strong connections with the Surrey Institution through his brother-in-law Adam Clarke (1762-1832), the first Librarian.