[ Joseph Ady, fraudster. ] Autograph Letter Signed ('J. Ady') to 'Mrs Jackson', giving details of funds he claims are due to her, and attacking Sir Peter Laurie for 'Malice'; on reverse of one of his lithographed fradulent circulars.

Joseph Ady (1775-1852), Quaker fraudster [ Sir Peter Laurie (1778-1861), Lord Mayor of London ]
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Without date or place [ 1846 or later ].
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For details of Ady and his methods, see his entry in the Oxford DNB. The present item is on one side of a 9.5 x 22 cm piece of paper. Ady begins with information regarding unclaimed dividends of John Jackson, with Ady claiming that he has 'a Minute £500 is the Money & the Partie [sic] Entitled is Jane Jackson | But thro' the Malice of Sir Peter Laurie I have not my original books Consequently unless you will allow me to inspect those letters I cannot give further Explanations You cannot suppose that a House Keeper of 50 Years standing Would be such a fool as for the sake of 10s/- % act the Highway Man & run from Home & all its Comforts | J. Ady' On the back of one of Ady's fradulent circulars: a lithographed form in facsimile handwriting (not filled in), sent by 'Joseph Ady Accountant No 5 York St Charlotte St ¼ East of Whitechapel Church London': 'I am in possession of particulars of Unclaimed Money amounting to 50 Millions at a cost of about £2000 therefore must be paid an additional fee for each future Letter and attendance including the postage | A Housekeeper 40 years & known to all the Aldermen of London. My Voluntary Referee Sir Peter Laurie (who together with Wm Parnel Iyars Esqr have most of my books under their Care) advises me not to deal with Deputys or Attorneys only with Principals. Otherwise I may give Information to wrong Parties & thereby enable them to get Money which they ought not'.