[ The New Asbestos Company, Limited, London. ] Prospectus with application form, accompanied by reports by Sir Douglas Fox, T. J. Scoones and C. Lacoste.

The New Asbestos Company, Limited, London [ Société Française des Amiantes, Tarascon; Sir Douglas Fox; T. J. Scoones; C. Lacoste; F. Vidal; Sir Richard Harington of Ridlington ]
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The New Asbestos Company, Limited, 37 Lombard Street, London. All items undated but circa 1889. [ Prospectus printed by 'The Argus Printing Company, Limited, 31, Bouverie Street, E.C.' ]
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The three items in fair condition, lightly aged and worn, with light damp staining to the Prospectus. ONE: Prospectus. 4pp., tall 8vo. Bifolium. First page headed 'Contractors to the French Government, Naval, Military, and State Authorities. | The New Asbestos Company, Limited. | Incorporated under the Companies Act, 1862 to 1886, whereby the liability of each Shareholder is limited to his Shares. | Capital - - £120,000, | Divided into 30,000 Shares of £4 each. | [Shares £4 Each (= 100 francs) have been adopted to suit the convenience of French applicants.] | Issue of 25,000 Shares, | [...]' The prospectus follows a list of the Company's officers, and begins: 'This Company has been formed to acquire, carry on as a going concern, develop and extend a very important Asbestos industry, thoroughly established and in complete working order, known as the "Société Française des Amianes," of Tarascon.' It includes descriptions of 'Asbestos Properties' ('viz., sixty-two in Italy, of an area of over 700 acres, and six in France, of an area of about 8 acres, producing some of the finest Asbestos in the market, and the possible output of which is of so extensive a character that several hundred workmen could at present be profitably employed in extracting it from the mines [...]'), 'Buildings, etc.', 'Factories', 'Goodwill, etc.', 'Depots', 'Agencies', 'Discoveries and Patents' and 'Gold Medals, etc.' The final page is printed lengthwise with title in customary manner, and includes the company's 'Memorandum of Association' in small print. TWO: Perforated application form. 1p., 8vo. THREE: Paper (4pp., tall 8vo, bifolium) headed 'Issued with the Prospectus of | The New Asbestos Company, Limited.' Containing five 'Reports' and seven 'Certificates'. The reports are by 'Sir Douglas Fox, Member of the Council of the Institution of Civil Engineers. | T. J. Scoones, Esq., Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. | C. Lacoste, Esq., late Engineer Paris, Lyons and Mediterranean Railway, and Government Engineer of the First Order. | P. Vidal, Esq., Manager and Director of the Tarascon Works. | T. J. Scoones, Esq., Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, as to Purchase Price of £84,000.' From the papers of Sir Richard Harington (1835-1911) of Ridlington, 11th Baronet.