[ Sir Thomas Henry Hall Caine, Manx author. ] Typed Letter Signed ('Hall Caine') to Manchester journalist and editor John Cuming Walters, regarding his book 'Recollections of Rossetti'.

Hall Caine [ Sir Thomas Henry Hall Caine ] (1853-1931), Manx author [ John Cuming Walters (1863-1933), editor of the Manchester City News ]
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On letterhead of Greeba Castle, Isle of Man. 24 August 1928.
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1p., 12mo. In good condition, lightly aged. He begins by noting that they have not corresponded for a while, and that he has 'been abroad most of my time for several years'. He is sending him 'a set of advance sheets of a little book I am to publish with Cassells at the end of September' ('Recollections of Rossetti'), 'because I have a very grateful memory of all the kind, appreciative and very able articles which you have written about other books of mine'. He asks whether he might be able to 'determine the public verdict on this book by giving me a very short letter about the impression it makes upon you'. He asks him to 'give two hours of entirely quiet and peaceful time' to the reading of the book, adding in pencil, 'It will be for myself alone'. He will send the bound book in due course, and stresses that 'these sheets' are 'personal to yourself'.