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The Anderson Galleries (Mitchell Kennerley, President), New York
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Sold by Order of his Mother. The Anderson Galleries (Mitchell Kennerley, President), 489 Park Avenue at Fifty-Ninth Street, New York. 1928.
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[2] + 130pp., 8vo. Frontispiece facsimile of the first page of the 'draft of contract for Woodrow Wilson's History of the United States - to be sold with six letters relating thereto, each signed by him'. In printed wraps. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper. 949 lots, from a 1758 letter from James Abercrombie, Commander of the British Forces in America, to an 1899 letter from the Prince de Yturbide. Includes full-page facsimile of 'last page John Adams' fine letter on independence', and half-page facsimile of 'last page Roosevelt's letter on the management of Congress'. Uncommon: five copies on OCLC WorldCat and none on COPAC. The identity of the collector is unknown.