[Dame Eva Turner, English soprano.] Two Autograph Letters Signed and two Autograph Cards Signed (all 'Eva') to Geoffrey Child. The letters concerning LP recordings of her music, and piracies by 'Bill Smith', with reference to Giovanni Martinelli.

Dame Eva Turner (1892-1990), English soprano [Giovanni Martinelli (1885-1969), Italian tenor; Geoffrey Child]
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First letter: Michigan, 4 July 1957. Second letter: Oklahoma, 22 September 1957. Cards from 1960 and 1962.
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All four items in good condition, lightly aged and worn. All four in a bold, expansive hand. The two letters accompanied by their envelopes, addressed to Child in London. Letter One: Address: 'c/o Mr & Mrs G. W. Williams, | 615 East Genesee, | Saginaw | Michigan. U.S.A.' 4 July 1957. 4pp., 4to. She is 'on the first lap of my Vacation' and has asked 'Anne' to contact him. 'During the University year I am so frightfully taxed for time - my own correspondence and my personal affairs suffer in consequence and are perforce relegated to the background. I naturally hope against hope that my friends will exercise understanding. I just find I cannot surmount the impossible.' She has been 'inundated with letters from all over, U.S.A. Argentina Brazil Australia & New Zealand etc. It is truly more than quite wonderful how people still remember and I cannot put into words without embarassment [sic] all that they say'. She says she is going to a New York 'L.P.s' with 'Martinelli' [the New York-based Italian tenor Giovanni Martinelli (1885-1969)], before exclaiming: 'Why are the people in London so lax and careless??? I have decided to make it public that they have the matter in abeyance in such a manner! [...] As I look back through the years, more than ever do I realise how badly they have treated me. It is not only my opinion but reflected by many many others! Another year has passed and the matter neglected! I should have wished the L. P. Records issued while I am still in U.S.A. A much better business proposition for the Company'. She thanks Child for his assistance, praising him along with 'Frank Duncan (who has responsibility for my recordings being made under the proper and only possible conditions)', whose efforts are the reason they are 'still being sought after by various collectors!' Letter Two: Address: '"The Music Faculty", | University of Oklahoma, | Norman, Oklahoma.' 22 September 1957. 2pp., 4to. Regarding 'Mr Bill Smith and his having made a pressing of a recording of mine'. While in New York Turner was 'invited to various places to listen to some recordings. To my great surprise many of these people had my Turandot recording. When I asked from where they had got them, they said they were not telling. I had a strong feeling they might have had the Recordings from the man who approached me last year'. She asks him to contact 'Anne' and 'see if you think it is the same man'. She wonders whether to send the man a solicitor's letter, and would appreciate Child's opinion on the matter. The two birthday cards are dated 4 September 1960 and 4 September 1962.