[The Hallé Orchestra, Manchester.] Typewritten 'Memoranda re Hallé Concerts', with signature of one of the three founding guarantors of the Hallé Concerts Society, Gustav Behrens, including a chronology (1857-1912) and section on the 'Pension Fund'.

Gustav Behrens, close friend of Sir Charles Hallé, and one of the three founding guarantors, after Hallé's death, of the Hallé Concerts Society [The Hallé Orchestra, Manchester]
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Without place or date. [The Hallé Orchestra, Manchester. Circa 1912.]
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4pp., 4to, on four leaves held together with a brass stud. Typewritten in purple, with underlining in red. In good condition, on lightly-aged and folded paper. The first two entries read: '1857 During the famous Art Treasures Exhibition held in Manchester in 1857, the late Sir Charles Hallé formed and conducted a Band which played at the Exhibition. | 1858 On Saturday January 30th, Hallé commenced his own Concerts under the title: | [First Season] MR. CHARLES HALLÉ'S GRAND ORCHESTRAL CONCERTS. | The Orchestra consisted of 60 performers (10 first, 10 second violins, 6 violas, 5 cellos, 5 double basses) - (20 foreigners). At this Concert the Freyschütz [sic] Overture of Weber and First Symphony of Beethoven were performed. The first series consisted of 16 concerts given on consecutive Saturday evenings.' The entry for 1895 includes the following: 'On the death of Sir Charles Hallé the control and ownership of the Concerts passed into the hands of three gentlemen, who arranged to continue the series during the seasons 1895/6, 1896/7, 1897/8 and 1898/9'. The entry for 1899 covers an entire page, beginning: 'On June 28th 1899 the three gentlemen who owned the Concerts transferred their proprietary rights to a new Society, called the Hallé Concerts Society, constituted by guarantee under the Companies Act.' The Society's constitution is quoted, and its charitable status explained, concluding as followst: 'The number of members (called guarantors) has since been increased and now stands at 185 (according to the last report). During the years 1899 to 1912, two calls upon the guarantors have been made, namely, of £5 and £7 respectively.' The last page consists of fourteen lines on the 'Pension Fund', ending: 'it is satisfactory to note that as a result of the formation of the Hallé Orchestra Pension Fund (registered under the Friendly Societies' Act) there is now a fund invested amounting to £8577.11.-. There are at present seven annuitants, receiving £132. 9. 7. in pensions.'