[British Army printed circular.] Appointment of Women Officers as Voluntary Members of the Regular Army Reserve of Officers. [With application form and covering Typed Letter Signed to Dr D. M. E. Kayton from L. Jenkinson of the War Office.]

L. Jenkinson of the War Office [Regular Army Reserve of Officers (RARO); Royal Army Medical Corps; Royal Army Dental Corps]
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The circular and appendix without details or date. Jenkinson's letter from the War Office [Whitehall], London, S.W.1. 3 November 1950.
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The three items are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper, pinned together. ONE: Duplicated typescript titled 'Appointment of Women Officers as voluntary Members of the Regular Army Reserve of Officers'. 3pp., two of them foolscap 8vo, the other landscape 12mo. Divided into 18 sections under the headings: General; Purpose of the Reserve and Liability for Service; Eligibility for Appointment; Age Limits; Rank on Appointment; Training; Uniform; Change of Address and Change of Name by Marriage; Permanent Residence Abroad; Removal on Account of Age from the RARO; How to Join. The second section reads: 'It has therefore been decided, as a result of the decision to grant commissions in RAMC and RADC to women doctors and dentists, and the formation of Queen Alexandra's Royal Army Nursing Corps and the Women's Royal Army Corps as Corps of the Army, to invite women officers who served in or with the RAMC and RADC and in the QAIMNS, QAIMNS(R) or QARANC and, with certain exceptions, women who have served as officers in the ATS or the WRAC to join the Regular Army Reserve of Officers as voluntary members.' No copy listed on either COPAC or OCLC WorldCat. TWO: Duplicated 'Application by Released Officers, etc., to join the Regular Army Reserve of Officers'. 1p., landscape 12mo. Form, headed 'APPENDIX "A"'. THREE: Typed Letter Signed from 'L. Jenkinson', 'for Director General, Army Medical Services', to Dr D. M. E. Kayton, Ashfield House, Annesley, Woodhouse, Notts. Dated from the War Office, 3 November 1950. The letter is a duplicated typescript, with Jenkinson's signature added and Kayton's details typed in. It informs the recipient that 'recruitment [...] has now commenced', and that 'pamphlet giving conditions of service' and 'application form to join' (i.e. Items One and Two) are attached. From a small archive of material belonging to Daphne Kayton of the Royal Army Medical Corps.