[German Psychiatrist] Autograph Letter Signed "Stadelmann" to an unnamed correspondent. In German.

Dr Heinrich Stadelmann, German psychiatrist
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[Printed heading] Dr. Stadelmann's | Klinik fur Nervenkranke | Dresden - A., Hubnerstrasse 2, [Germany, 31 August 1907.
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Three pages 12mo, fold mark, good condition. He informs his correspondent that he has jsut beeen to London for "dem internatioalur Kongress fur Schulhygiene" but the rest escapes me. Image of letter may be obtained on request. Price assuming decent content. Note: "From 1920, Dr Heinrich Stadelmann, Dresden psychiatrist and hypnotist, fixes us with outsize spectral watery-green eyes, rims pinkly bloodshot. His face is ashen – Stadelmann never saw the sun, working only at night – and his ears are so large that they evoke another nocturnal creature, a bat. A year later, Fritz Glaser, a rich Jewish lawyer, commissioned his portrait and received a vision of a silvery ghoul, sunken face, impotent clenched fists, body hunched in a garret whose windows are broken". Stadelman wrote a book on the psychopathology of art