[Printed pamphlet.] On the Value of the Edinburgh Degree of M.A. An Address delivered to the Graduates in Arts, April 24, 1866.

P. G. Tait [Peter Guthrie Tait (1831-1901)], M.A. Late Fellow of St. Peter's College, Cambridge; Professor of Natural Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh
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Edinburgh: Maclachlan & Stewart, Bookseller to the University. 1866. [Edinburgh: T. Constable, Printer to the Queen, and to the University.]
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19pp., 12mo. Stitched. Disbound. In good condition, on aged paper. The address is headed: 'The Senatus, on the motion of Dr. R. Lee, agreed to request me to publish this Address. It is printed word for word as delivered, as I feel that though I might speak even more strongly than I have done, the object I had in view has been in some sense attained. - P.G.T.' Nine copies on COPAC and WorldCat, but only one outside Britain.