Duplicated typewritten report titled 'The Magdalen Street Project', describing an influential experiment in 'civic design', carried out by the Civic Trust in conjunction with Norwich City Council.

[Magdalen Street Project; Norwich City Council; Norfolk; The Civic Trust, London; Sir Misha Black (1910-1977), Russian-born British architect, founder of the Artists' International Association]
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The Civic Trust, 79 Buckingham Palace Road, London, SW1. [1959]
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[1] + 7pp., foolscap 8vo. On eight leaves, stapled together in one corner. In fair condition, on aged and worn paper, with slight rust marking to title leaf. The title leaf reads: 'THE MAGDALEN STREET | PROJECT | Further information obtainable from: | THE CIVIC TRUST | 79 BUCKINGHAM PALACE ROAD | LONDON S.W.1. | TATe Gallery 0891'. The background to the experiment is explained in the first two paragraphs: 'This is the story of an experiment in civic design. It is also a story of civic co-operation in which self-help was seen to be synonymous with public spirit. To bring it about, some eighty property owners and occupiers in a single length of street combined to give that street a new lease of life; to their efforts were joined those of the Local Authority, the Ministry of Transport, the local bus company, the Civic Trust and some twenty architects and designers. The street was Magdalen Street, in Norwich, and this is how it happened. | In the summer of 1957, discussions took place between representatives of the City Council, headed by the then Lord Mayor, Councillor T. G. Eaton, and officers of the newly formed Civic Trust with a view to initiating some joint project within the city. The Trust proposed a "live" exhibition which would show how greatly the appearance of some given area could be improved, without major alterations or expense, if only all concerned could be persuaded to make an effort - a suggestion for which the Local Authority promised all possible support. Consultation with the City Planning Officer suggested that several areas in particular might profit from a concerted clean-up. At this point a Consultant Architect, Mr. Misha Black, O.B.E., R.D.I., PP.S.I.A., was brought in by the Trust and after careful consideration it was decided that Magdalen Street offered the best opportunities for this kind of experiment.' Black's own account of the project, 'Civic Design in Magdalen Street' is to be found in his 'Black Papers on Design' (1983). Excessively rare: no copies traced, on either OCLC WorldCat or on COPAC.