Twenty-two typed and manuscript accounts, receipts and notes assembled by the military historian and Sandhurst lecturer Eliot Antony Brett-James, while a student at Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge.

[Major Eliot Antony Brett-James (1920-84), 5th Indian Division Royal Signals, lecturer at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst; Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge]
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Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge. 1945 and 1947.
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An interesting collection of Cambridge ephemera, dating from a period of considerable economic and social turbulence. The twenty-two items are in good condition, on lightly-aged paper. They include six term accounts, with Brett-James's details typewritten on printed forms, signed by tutors D. Thomson and B. T. D. Smith. These accounts are itemised, with details of domestic charges. Affixed to all but one of these accounts are official College receipts signed by tutors. Also present is an Autograph Note to Brett-James from the College clerk R. S. Mason, on his letterhead, 22 July 1946; a bill from Bell & Lunn's Travel Service, 6 King's Parade, Cambridge; and eight leaves of autograph accounts by Brett-James, totalling 5pp., 8vo; and 7pp., 12mo; in which he gives the names and prices of books and magazines, with the cost of other items from a 'sherry bottle' to 'packet of paper' and 'toothpaste'. Before matriculating, Brett-James had served in the Second World War in the Middle East, India and the Far East with the 5th Indian Division Signals (whose company history he wrote). On leaving Sidney Sussex College in 1947, he worked in publishing until 1961, when he took up a position as Lecturer (and later Senior Lecturer) in Military History at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. His final posts at the Academy were as Deputy Head, 1968-9, and Head, 1970-80, of the War Studies and International Affairs Department.