[Charles Fechter, Anglo-French actor and playwright.] Two Autograph Letters Signed to 'Mr. Osborne', the first regarding his itinerary and the choosing of a plot suited to Osborne's style; the second regarding his busy life and examining a play.

Charles Fechter [Charles Albert Fechter] (1822-1879), French actor and playwright who found enormous success in Britain and America
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Letter One: on letterhead of 30 Park Road, Regent's Park, N.W. [London] 17 August 1869. Letter Two: no place, on monogram letterhead (with motto 'Faiblesse vaut vice'). 19 April 1872.
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Both items are 2pp, 12mo, and bifoliums. Both in good condition, lightly aged, and each folded once. The second has rust marks to margin from a paperclip. Given the sunbject-matter, the recipient may be a relation of the actress Mrs William Barry (1739-1771), whose maiden name was Osborne. ONE: 17 August 1769; on Park Road letterhead. Signed 'Ch. Fechter.' He begins by announcing: 'I have, by no means, altered my mind; but have been – and am still – strolling about the country'. He is 'off again', that 'very day', and gives a list of five locations, with length of stay, beginning with 'Manchester: 5 Weeks' and ending with 'Dublin: 12 nights'. He is 'booked till the end of Nov.', and hopes 'to rest for a while' then. He asks to be informed of Osborne's 'doings', so that they can 'see together – among my lot of plots – the one most likely to suit your style, and pleasure'. TWO: 19 April 1872; with monogram letterhead. Signed 'Chas. Fechter.' He has 'not yet found time, nor health to “go into” the said play, as I should like to do: most seriously'. He has 'had all manners [sic] of visits, and business from home', and his house is 'perfectly “Inn-like,” at present'. He is sorry to hear of a common friend's illness, and hopes that Osborne's next letter 'will bring the good news of his entire recovery'.