[Alys Pearsall Smith, first wife of Bertrand Russell.] Autograph Letter Signed ('Alys Russell') to 'Mr Armstrong' [radical journalist George Gilbert Armstrong], regarding his 'valuable little pamphlet'.

Alys Russell [born Alyssa Whitall Pearsall Smith] (1867-1951), American Quaker activist, sister of critic Logan Pearsall Smith, first wife of Bertrand Russell [George Gilbert Armstrong (1870-1945)]
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On letterhead of 11 St Leonard's Terrace, Chelsea, S.W. [London] 29 June 1917.
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She thanks him for sending his 'most interesting & valuable little pamphlet', which she will give to her friends to read, hoping that it will 'really help at this most difficult time'. She is struck by his 'footnote about “The Freedom of the Seas”', and wishes she 'could really understand that subject'. She ends by asking (disingenuously?) if anything has been written which 'puts your point of view at more length & simply enough for an ordinary mortal to take it in'. The pamphlet referred to is presumably Armstrong's 'Peace with Security' (1917). The Russell's were leading opponents of the First World War.