[Arthur Locker, novelist and journalist, as editor of the Graphic.] Autograph Note Signed ('Arthur Locker | (Ed. Graphic)') to Henry Walker of Worcester, declining an article.

Arthur Locker (1828-1893), novelist and journalist, editor of The Graphic
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On letterhead of The Graphic ('An Illustrated Weekly Newspaper, Price Sixpence.'), 109 Strand, W.C. [London]
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1p., 12mo. On grey paper. Aged and with light discoloration and chipping along one edge. A somewhat barbed missive, reading: 'Sir, | I thank you for your offer, but I have so many subjects on hand just now that I fear I could not find room for your article even if I approved of it.' The Graphic was first published on 4 December 1869 by William Luson Thomas's company Illustrated Newspapers Limited, with Henry Sutherland Edwards (1828-1906) as editor. Locker had taken over the editorship only a few days before the writing of this note, on 1 May 1870.