[ Bill for Removing the Civil Disabilities of the Jews, 1834. ] Contemporary manuscript transcript of the conclusion of the debate on the motion for the second reading of the bill.

Bill for Removing the Civil Disabilities of the Jews, 1834 [ British Parliament; House of Lords ]
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[ 1834. ]
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21pp., 4to. On six loose bifoliums. In good condition, lightly aged and worn. Incomplete: paginated 23 to 32 (the last a mistake for 33). The manuscript reproduces exactly (with omissions) the text on pp.79-94 of the publication 'Debates in the House of Commons on a Resolution Preparatory to the Introduction, and in the House of Lords on the Motion for the Second Reading, of the Bill for Removing the Civil Disabilities of the Jews […] Reprinted from the Mirror of Parliament, at the request of the Committee of the Jewish Association for obtaining Civil Rights and Privileges' (London: Printed for the Proprietors of “The Mirror of Parliament,” 3, Abingdon-street, Westminster, 1934). There are a couple of indications of a foreign origin: first, the style of writing, with the personal pronoun appearing throughout as a small i, and the numbering having a foreign feel; second, a the style of printing of a shelfmark ('Va III. - 4.') on a slip of paper on the last leaf. The shelfmark is accompanied by a circular stamp in black ink, containing the acronym 'BMPF'. It may be that the manuscript was transcribed from the newspaper, in order to provide an interested foreign party with an account of the debate before publication in book form.