[ Roger Kenyon of Peel Hall, (GreaterLancs; his son George Kenyon. ] Annotations by an outraged Jacobite Tory, defending James II, fulminating against the 'usurper' William of Orange, in 2- volume: 'State Trials' and 'a Farther Collection'.

[ Roger Kenyon (c.1627-98) of Parkhead and Peel Hall, Lancashire, Tory Member of Parliament for Clitheroe, 1690-1695; his son George Kenyon (1666-1728), MP for Wigan, 1713-1715 ]
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The two printed volumes are: ONE, 'State Tracts': London, no printer, 1693. TWO: 'a Farther Collection of Several Choice Treatises', 'London: Printed, and are to be Sold by Richard Baldwin near the Oxford-Arms in Warwick-Lane. MDCXCII. [1692]'

The first of the two works in the present volume bears on its title-page the ownership signature of 'Ll: Kenyon'. This is either Lloyd Kenyon (1732-1802), 1st Baron Kenyon, successively Master of the Rolls and Attorney General, or (less likely) his father Lloyd Kenyon of Gredington, Hanmer, Flint. The volume comes from the library of George Kenyon of Peel Hall (uncle and father-in-law of Lord Kenyon) and the annotations it contains are either by George Kenyon himself or (more likely given the handwriting) his father Roger Kenyon.

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