[Lyric Theatre, London: First World War benefit concert.] Programme for 'Ellen Terry's Bouquet', 'In Aid of the Concerts at the Front'. Containing 'Letter from the Commander-in-Chief', Douglas Haig.

Lena Ashwell; Concerts at the Front; Lyric Theatre, London; Dame Ellen Terry; Lilian Braithwaite; Dorothy Moulton; E. V. Lucas; Harry Grattan; Howard Carr; Frederick Rosse; Douglas Haig
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Lyric Theatre, London ('Organised by Miss Lena Ashwell in conjunction with the Ladies' Auxiliary Committee of the Y.M.C.A.'), on 29 June 1917. [Slug: 'LONDON: FINDEN BROWN AND CO. LTD., 15, CRAVEN STREET, STRAND'.]

11 + [1]pp, 4to. Stitched with pink thread and unbound. In fair condition, lightly aged. Nicely printed on laid paper, with cover illustration in black and green of view from back of stage of dancer receiving a bouquet from an audience. The second page gives details of the performance, with a list of the names of the 'Executive Committee'. The programme is on pp.3-11. Divided into 16 numbers. After five songs, the main feature (numbers 6-15 pp.4-8) is 'Chelsea on Tiptoe | New Version', with 'A Prologue | Written specially for “Ellen Terry's Bouquet” | By E. V.

[Printed booklet, inscribed by the author.] L'Armée du Cœur our Le Rôle de la Femme.

Lena P. Christitch [France; emancipation of women]
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Paris: Imprimerie Robert, 3, Rue de la Terasse. Dated at end from 'Nice, le 20 décembre 1927. | (Chemin de Sainte-Thérèse).'

63pp., 12mo. In grey printed wraps. Stapled. In good condition, lightly-aged and worn. With Stamp, label and shelfmarks of the Board of Education Reference Library. Inscribed on inside of front cover: 'A titre de profonde considération | Lena P. Christitch'. Written in flowery language, with the first page carrying a paean of praise 'A la noble France'. Scarce: no copies found on COPAC, OCLC WorldCat or Bn-Opale Plus.

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