[Sir Vincent Eyre: his reminiscences of his friend Sir James Outram, 'The Bayard of India'.] Long Autograph Letter Signed ('Vincent Eyre') to C. R. Low, giving 'reminiscences of Outram', a British hero of the Indian Mutiny.

Sir Vincent Eyre (1811-1881), East India Company Major General, relieved the Siege of Arrah in the Indian Mutiny [Sir James Outram (1803-1863), 'The Bayard of India'; Charles Rathbone Low (1837-1918)]
Publication details: 
No date, but part quoted in Low's 1880 'Soldiers of the Victorian Age'. From 'Hotel Metropole. Geneva.'

See the entries Eyre and Outram in the Oxford DNB. 10pp, 12mo. On two bifoliums and one loose leaf. In good condition, lightly aged. Folded twice. A large part of this letter is quoted, as coming from 'Sir Vincent Eyre, the friend and companion in arms of Sir James Outram', on pp.168-170 of the second volume of Low's 1880 'Soldiers of the Victorian Age'. The opening of the actual letter, which is not quoted, reads: 'My dear Low. | You expressed a wish for any reminiscences of Outram I might be able to furnish.

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