Printed handbill headed 'TABLES TURNED; | OR THE | Tories reduced to the Workhouse, | Being the First Examination of Paupert before the Commissioners of the New Poor Law'

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Without date or place, but circa 1834; printed by 'BIRT, Printer, 39, Great St. An- | drew St. Seven Dials. [London]'.
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In 3 columns on a sheet of thin unwatermarked wove paper, 10 inches by 7. Creased and grubby, but in good condition overall. Lightly attached at head to a sheet of paper. Satirical report of examination of a Beadle, Bob Orange Peel [Sir Robert Peel], Old Nosey [Wellington?], Cumberland Griffin from Kew [?], Jack Cobley [?], Winchester Rat (a mayor) [?], Sailor Bill [William IV], and Madame Addle-head [?].