[Hannah More and her sisters Sally and Patty.] Parts of Autograph Letters from the three sisters, each with signature ('H More', 'S More' and 'Martha More').

Hannah More (1745-1833), bluestocking, poet and playwright; her sisters Sarah More ('Sally', 1743-1819), and Martha More ('Patty', 1747-1819)
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None of the three with place or date.
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Three slips of paper cut from letters. All in good condition, lightly aged, and each with minor evidence of previous mounting. ONE: Hannah More. On both sides of 4 x 15.5 cm slip. On one side: '[…] I am this moment come from Charlotte she is vastly well only her eyes have some remaining weknesses | Adieu my dear Madam believe me with all possible regard your ever obliged and affectionate | Servant | H More'. Other side: '[…] the good People here enough to be all concerned any of their judgment or their Actions where Taste has any thing to do. - You know it always [?] my sentiments to you without reserve. | All here are much yours and your gallant Son's who I doubt not is as amiable in his exterior as he […]'. TWO: Sarah More. On both sides of 2.5 x 10 cm slip. On one side: '[...]e, and a bad head ache, will not […] in yours most obliged, and […] | S More'. On other side: '[…] Your Neighbours nor […] Visit, they drank Tea [...] seem polite well bred […]'. THREE. Martha More. On one side of 3.5 x 9.5 cm slip (part of mount laid down over other side). Reads: '[…] Correspondent, and […] | […] most obedient Servant | Martha More'.